Wave’s Client Services revamp aims to help clients shine

by in Business

We may be a recruitment technology provider but Wave has always been people-focused. After all, that is the very lifeblood of recruitment – finding the right people and connecting them to the right opportunities. Similarly, our talented teams of wonderful people are the beating heart of our company. 

Our Client Services team truly is all about people – talking to people, helping people, looking after people. Our clients. Which is why we have worked hard to restructure in a way that will enable us to help all of our clients in the most efficient way possible. 

Spearheading this, we were delighted to welcome David Malham into the Wave fold as Client Services Director. Having built up a number of successful client services teams in a variety of sectors, looking after a diverse client portfolio including global corporations and large, multinational accounts, David immediately tasked himself with streamlining the team. Each member’s talents have been focused into key roles in order to ensure our clients consistently receive the best service. 

Tom Mehmet is now Wave’s Head of New Business, helping Wave to grow and inviting new clients in, to experience and benefit from Wave’s portfolio of recruitment products.

Alisha Springer is our Client Engagement Manager and will be the central point of contact for all of our clients. Alisha’s job is to forge long-lasting and trusted relationships with our clients, looking after them and helping them out on a day to day basis. 

Polly Payne has been promoted to Client Success Manager, engaging with new clients and helping them to use our tech products to maximum gain. Polly will ensure that all clients are fully trained up on their new tech so that they can start experiencing the benefits straight away. Polly will also be the main contact for any tech issues, liaising with our developers when necessary and striving to ensure any problems are dealt with in a timely manner.

“The team I have assembled consists of exciting and talented professionals who closely match our values,” David explains. “I have segmented our team into three distinct areas: growth, client success, and client engagement, so that at each stage of the client journey, from acquisition to onboarding to retention, our clients feel valued, informed, and most importantly get the very most out of our products.

Already my team is doing great things for the business and for our clients. Our clients often see us as an extension of their team and embrace our values into their own company culture. It’s a working partnership that serves us well.  There’s a real buzz about the company and I’m hugely optimistic about Wave’s future. Onwards and upwards is one of my favourite phrases, and I think it describes Wave perfectly right now.”

Ultimately, our client relationships are central to our business and we are dedicated to ensuring they get the most from our recruitment tech products. We want our clients to excel and our newly revamped Client Services team will strive to help them make that happen.

If you’d like any further information on our people or our products please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.