WaveTrackR and RecWebs officially trademarked

by in Business

Wave has celebrated a series of milestones in its 20+ year history, from its founding in 1999, to the winning of awards, to the launch of WaveTrackR® and the acquisition of RecWebs®. Another exciting moment was recently marked for Wave as our data-driven multi-poster and candidate management tool WaveTrackR© and our website design and build product RecWebs© were both officially trademarked.

WaveTrackR® was first conceived in 2016 as the first job board analytical tool of its kind. it launched to market in 2018 and, in the years since, has continued to develop both its tech and its market share. Today WaveTrackR® is known as an intelligent multi-posting tool that will advise where, when and what to post as well as a recruitment platform from which to efficiently and effectively manage candidates.

We were thrilled to acquire RecWebs® in 2018 and over the past 2 years have grown our professional recruitment website design and build with built-in recruiting features and functionalities. We are proud to have a diverse range of recruitment websites now in our portfolio.

With both WaveTrackR® and RecWebs® we are continuously improving and expanding our technology and what we can offer to our clients and the next logical step was to trademark both business names. This represents another exciting milestone in our quest to create a world where talent is never missed.