Why WaveTrackR will make a difference…

by in Recruitment

What is WaveTrackR you may ask? WaveTrackR is our free job board management and distribution tool. From making more hires to reducing costs, WaveTrackR will make the recruitment world easier.

Want to know how?

It’s time to become more intelligent with how we advertise on job boards, and WaveTrackR can do it all for you. We all know that posting a job on each individual job board is time consuming and inefficient, so why don’t we minimise the time manually adding each job to boards and get WaveTrackR to do it for you? One of WaveTrackR’s aims is to make posting jobs quick and easy. With one click, your jobs will be posted to both your chosen boards and social media channels, generating quality applications instantly.

This will benefit your business significantly as it will allow you to have more time to focus on the long term goals of your company, whilst allowing WaveTrackR to deal with the day-to-day activities.

No more boring old spreadsheets; WaveTrackR also compares all of the job boards you use up against each other, allowing you to determine where best to invest your money. This is achieved through data highlighting the cost per contract, amount of jobs posted and hires. As well as this, it also measures clicks and application numbers, and even monitors revenue generated.

One of the benefits of having this data is the ability to see the return on investment. Having this ability is extremely valuable for any business as you can then determine success, which will have an impact when making future business decisions.

Additionally, WaveTrackR is the only job distribution tool that records hire data. By entering your hire data, you can see exactly which job board makes the most hires, and also the cost per hire.

This essential element will benefit your business as it will help you to post your jobs strategically and on the best performing boards, generating better quality applications. Ultimately this gives you the power to make the right media choices.

I would recommend using WaveTrackR as this can become the most vital tool when it comes to your advertising. It is time to put your media contracts up against each other and discover their true performance. Click here to request a demo, or alternatively call us on 01189 868 900 to sign up or for any further enquiries.