Website Design To Attract Millennials And Gen Z

by in Web Design & Dev

A positive online experience is important to millennials and generation Z alike. These generations are among the most familiar with technology, with the internet very much a part of their day-to-day lives, making them the most tech-savvy bunch. They know when a website is out-of-date and fails to provide a seamless user experience. Read on for website design tips to attract Millennials and Gen Z.

Mobile Optimisation and Multi screen use

This is no shock, but the young generations use smart phones to access the internet, as well as tablets and desktops. So, it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to make sure that all your web design is responsive and mobile-optimised.

Keep it simple

Want to show something? Show it. Want to say something? Say it. Basically, don’t over-complicate website design. Make content easily digestible for them to read and then understand. Also, make sure your website is not full of dense copy; Gen Z and Millennials will be onto the next website without a second thought.

Fast loading time

With an attention span of only 8 seconds, loading time can be the difference between someone actually using your website or exiting the website without engaging with it at all. This can be a deal breaker for a Millennial and a Gen Z because they don’t have the patience to wait for a website to load.

Video visual

Including video as a design element will help with engagement. Visual content is more appealing to the young generation because video can be an extremely powerful medium to get information or a message across.

Brands and companies need to keep up with technology affecting the design. The turnaround for new and inventive ways of having your website can change quickly. If you want your website to continue to appeal to generation by generation, keeping it up-to-date is important. Wave Digital takes time to understand customers and to produce high-quality work. We can design creative professional websites which appeal to your target audience.