Welcome to our new office

by in Agency Life

We moved! Welcome to our new office. For the past five years, we have made our home at 55a St Marys Butts but the time came to move onto pastures new

As the business expanded so did our needs for an office space change. As we moved away from the recruitment Marketing space into the recruitment software one, we needed an office that would fit the new we.

We are now one week into our new office and we couldn’t be happier. Our new open office plan has space for us to be more collaborative but also to be able to get concentration time to get on with work individually when we need to. We’ve got loads of informal working spaces, and we even have a couple of standing desks for those of us who can’t sit still for very long!

It’s not the house that makes the home and it’s not the office that makes the culture, but we can’t wait to create some more good times in our new surroundings, take WaveTrackR and RecWebs to the next level and help our clients to attract the talent they need.