Why Graduates are Secret Celebrities (kind of…)

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As a recent Graduate myself, I feel like I am some-what of a celebrity…

 …well, amongst companies within industries at least! Granted I’m not likely to be plastered all over the covers of Heat magazine anytime soon after a night on the town or on the infamous “who wore it better” list, but nonetheless I’m a celeb!

You see, everyone wants to know everything about graduates; their degree, their interests, their aspirations…everything! It’s not my ego that has got me thinking this way, but the fact that graduates are seen as tangible innovation enhancers across different industry sectors. But to be fair; they should be! With the rise in tuition fees and university expenses, it is now so important that students are prepared for the war on graduate recruitment and get the most out of university life – and not just in the social sense!

With 4.6% more graduate schemes being available to university leavers and with 91.1% of graduates finding employment within the first 6 months of graduating, it is no wonder that this is a sought after group. But how do you attract these bright young minds?

Now, we can’t give you all the answers here… that would be too easy! But if you want to advertise to graduates about your career you have to be aware of what they want. Granted some graduates have been accused of being “Job Snobs”, but if you can offer them career development incentives – you’re half way there! Also, take it from us, a little creativity goes a long way *winks*.

You never know, you may attract your very own award-winning graduate!

Originally written by Leanne Grant