ING Direct (current Barclays) is the global financial institution offering services in commercial banking. They are established brand with over 250 years history, having offices worldwide. They are the top key players being involved in big financial projects around the world. They also take a fair approach in their employee’s career development. For graduate students they offer a clear progress opportunity in their role with the ability to grow their career path internationally.
Through the graduate marketing campaign, they wanted to attract relevant students to their current website and receive good quality applications.

Services Used

Design, Web Development, Social Media

The Challenge

ING Direct wanted to recruit 30 international graduates to join their business. Previously their marketing efforts had led to the HR department being inundated with applications that required a lot of man-hours to sift through. On a tight budget, we wanted to create a campaign that raises the ING Direct profile amongst students and increases the calibre of students applying to Graduate Programme.

Our Approach

When ING Direct approach us to produce the campaign, their situation was interesting: a strong consumer brand, yet a lack of presence in the graduate market, and a campaign in the previous year that delivered too many ‘run-of-the-mill’ candidates. The hub of the graduate marketing campaign was the website backed with social media activities. Wave created a niche campaign that targeted specific universities across Europe. We were able to gain direct access to the graduates that ING needed through working closely with top Universities career services and student unions. This specific approach lowered volume and increased quality; and showed students that, with ING Direct, they would become more than just another graduate on another graduate scheme. As graduates being significant social media users, we also focused our activities on this platform by developing a hashtag campaign within brand guidelines to highlight the individuality of being on the graduate scheme at ING Direct.


With our graduate marketing campaign, we exceeded the expectation by delivering 128 relevant applications. Working together with universities maximised the outcome of the campaign when the financial resourced where limited. Social media campaign helped to reach the targeted audience with the tool that is frequently used by student community. We drove good quality users to their career web page, where over 83% of users were engaged with the content.
The recruitment turnaround was achieved within 3 weeks.