New England Seafood (NES) is the main supplier of fish and seafood in the UK. They deliver a wide range of fresh and frozen fish to supermarkets including M&S, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. They also deliver to restaurants and other retail outlets. The company operates nationally distributing their products worldwide. NES are also a company that care about the ‘team spirit’ and high process standards from how the fish is caught, to how it is selected and shipped.
The company looks for people who work together to ensure the sustainability and quality assurance. They have different types of roles from factory staff to marketers and entrepreneurs, including job opportunities for graduates to join their team all year round.

Services Used

Design, Web Development, Media Buying

The Challenge

New England Seafood approached us in June 2015 when they were struggling to recruit three graduates for their scheme starting at the end of September 2015. Their business needed a recruitment marketing campaign to attract students to their two years graduate program. They also wanted to promote their company values and culture to increase the desire of making a career in the fishery industry.

Our Approach

Our solution was to create a dedicated microsite for graduates which would display NES’s culture and their care for the environment and why New England Seafood is a great place to work. The three-page microsite was designed with a simple layout using the brand colour scheme and bold use of imagery. All the information was only ever two or less clicks away. As well as the career microsite, we also researched and purchased targeted media packages with the best graduate job boards. These job boards would target the most suitable candidates and direct them to the newly launched microsite for more information and to apply.


Creating a career microsite for graduates provided a more specific and concise information for students about the company and its culture. It was an effective branding tool that gave a new look and good user experience with simple and easy navigation and mobile optimisation.
Since launching the site and use of the graduate media packages, there was a huge influx in CV submissions. In just over a week, New England Seafood received more than 100 CV’s to fill just three positions. We exceeded customer expectations, as NES was very happy with the results and overall, the student-marketing campaign was a big success. The career microsite still generates new applications, even after the campaign was completed. It was a good idea and worth investing in as it resulted in beneficial long-term success.