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Insights and market trends based on exclusive data
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As a client of Wave you will receive exclusive data on job board performance, application numbers and hiring trends across the UK.

With thousands of applications to draw data from you can be assured that you will know when, where and how to advertise. We help you manage your advertising budget better than ever before. We also track and monitor the performance of hundreds of career sites and recruitment related media so we can help when it comes to benchmarking your own performance.

Our Exclusive Data Research

Our industry leading reports look into trends and patterns from jobseekers and recruiter. Check out our updates for information on what’s happening in the marketplace.

Recruitment Trends Report

  • Website performance benchmarks
  • Recruitment media performance
  • Hiring and application data
  • Recruitment websites speed performance
  • Most popular browser & OS

Our Latest Reports

Download the latest reports from our Data Analytics team.

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