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We attract talent to your business using a mix of data and creativity to maximise the candidates you attract.

We work with over 400 recruitment companies and analyse millions of applications each year. Our system gives businesses the power to connect the right talent to the right opportunities meaning that you’ll never miss out on the talent you need again.

We all know that great people are hard to find, which is why our solutions are designed to make your recruitment easier, faster and less expensive. From saving on your advertising, building and improving your recruitment website, or using technology to post better jobs; we can provide a full suite of services for recruitment.

Our Mission & Values

Wave will be the market leader in providing essential, valuable and profitable services for companies looking for the best talent.


Understanding that people are the centre of all business, empathy, great customer service, positivity, caring.


The pace of change means we have to constantly innovate, create, evolve and embrace new technologies.


It’s a competitive world. With drive, commitment and hard work, you can always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Meet the Team

Our team share experience, knowledge and one main goal: results. Everyone in the Wave team is dedicated to ensuring high-quality customer service and achieving the best for our partners.

Our Hall of Fame

We're not all about work, work, work... we also love a good awards do! Here some of the awards we've won...

  • 2014 Recruitment Website - Bloomberg
  • 2011 Recruitment Effectiveness - G4S
  • 2011 Agency of the Year - Wave
  • 2010 Best Press Advertisement - Blandford Sub Aqua
  • 2015 Best Graduate Recruitment Website - Bloomberg
  • 2014 Best Digital Creative - Cairn
  • 2012 Best Use of Mobile - YHA
  • 2011 Ambient/Outdoor - G4S
  • 2010 Print Advertisement - Blandford Sub Aqua
  • 2010 Use of Photography - Blandford Sub Aqua
  • 2010 Ri5 Fiver - YHA

We work with start-ups all the way up to international businesses

We connect the right people to the right opportunities, no matter what size of business.