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In Episode 1 of the Recruitment Cheat Codes podcast, host Chris Ash is joined by Luis Cajao. As Wave’s Marketing Director, Luis is the maestro orchestrating the company’s marketing strategy, ensuring that the B2B organisation grabs the attention of its target audience. Having started at Wave 8 years ago, Luis has worked his way up from Digital Designer to Director, picking up in-depth knowledge of the recruitment industry along the way.

Chris and Luis make the most of their 15 minute chat, diving into 3 strategies that recruiters at all levels can pick up and start using straight away.

The One Where They Talk About…

1. Focus on zero-click content

Gone are the days when the goal was to drive as many people as possible to your website. Today’s approach focuses on providing content directly where users are, allowing them to consume it without navigating away from their current platform.

This shift in strategy is driven by two factors: Google’s tendency to present search results with the actual content embedded, and social media platforms prioritising content that keeps users on their sites.

Recruiters can harness the power of zero-click content by providing valuable, engaging content directly on social media platforms. This way, recruiters are able to capture and hold their audience’s attention, making it easier to build relationships and showcase their expertise. This strategy not only embraces current digital marketing trends but also caters to the needs of busy recruiters and job seekers who appreciate quick, accessible information.

Next Steps

  • Place content directly on your chosen platform.
  • Don’t hold back on giving great advice.

2. Repurpose existing content

The idea is to invest in creating an initial piece of content, be it an article, video, or long-form post, and then adapt it into various formats to reach a broader audience.

For recruiters, this can mean transforming a single article into multiple social media posts, summarising it in an email, or converting it into a video. The possibilities are endless! By repurposing content, you ensure that your message reaches those who may have missed it the first time around or even those who need a refresher.

This approach not only allows you to make the most of the content you’ve created, but also caters to the diverse preferences of your audience. It’s a win-win situation that helps you work smarter, not harder.

Next Steps

  • Look back at your previous content and re-use it across different formats.
  • Re-post your most popular old content (if still relevant).
  • Focus on one-to-one advice emails to clients and pull out key information.

3. Add Value

Adding value through your content goes hand-in-hand with zero-click content and repurposing. The idea is to consistently provide actionable insights and resources that help your candidates and clients improve their knowledge.

For recruiters, this means sharing valuable tips, insights, and resources that can help job seekers and clients alike find success. By focusing on adding value, rather than pushing for sales or conversions, you create trust and establish yourself as a reliable source of knowledge and support.

This approach has a two-fold benefit: first, your audience will appreciate the value you provide, and second, they will naturally gravitate toward you when they need your services. People remember those who have added value to their lives, not those who have constantly tried to sell them something.

Next Steps

  • Stop the hard sell. 
  • Don’t hold onto knowledge – share it with others and see the return.

Bonus strategy… Ease up on calls to action

A common trap both recruiters and marketers fall into is thinking every piece of content must include a call to action. Instead, focusing on providing value to your audience without constantly pushing for a conversion can lead to more genuine engagement and foster trust.

For recruiters, this means that rather than bombarding potential clients or job seekers with calls to action, it’s essential to prioritise delivering valuable and entertaining content. When the audience feels they’re getting value from your content, they’re more likely to reach out when they’re ready to take the next step.

Next Steps

  • Reduce or simplify your calls to action.
  • If you do choose include a call to action, focus on encouraging conversation.

And finally, what were the two things you wish you knew at the beginning of your career?

  1. There is no limit to what you can do and no linear path.
  2. Question everything, that’s how you learn.