Employee recognition: How to attract more talent

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What businesses do concerning employee recognition and work benefits can build a company’s reputation. In addition to a competitive salary and benefits, to work for a company that demonstrates appreciation for its workforce will naturally see people wanting to work for them.

According to Sage People, 92% of employees said positive workforce experiences mattered the most to them while being valued and recognised came in as the third most important aspect of employment. With these two factors being linked, the element of attracting more talent with employee recognition can be possible and improve your applications.

In today’s modern workforce, it’s becoming increasingly more important and valued by people to be recognised in the business. As a recruiter or a corporate company highlighting this in your recruitment strategy may see your applicants grow in numbers.

How to attract more talent with employee recognition as a Corporate

Employee recognition is a great business value to uphold, and many companies adopt this approach already to boost company morale. Onlookers and potential candidates view this trait in a company appealing, with some choosing this as a reason to apply for a job at the company. If you are a corporate, then the following points are what you can implement.

Create a strong employer brand

First off, it is essential to have a strong employer brand. The main reason why this is important is that it’s a big part of the business identity. Potential employees like to learn about the company, the people, the culture, what perks and rewards are included. When the values and culture of a company match with the job seekers wants, then people are drawn to the company as well as the job role.

Social media your work culture 

A great way to show your lively work culture is through social media. When job seekers go looking into companies, one of their first steps is to look at the company social media profile. Many companies prefer to stick to promoting their services or products. What is a great engagement magnet is culture posts advocating work life and people’s achievements.

Talking about work achievements and promotions within the company by posting on social media will do wonders to highlight your work culture. People like to know about other people’s accomplishments. Throughout the year, some good social holidays trend on Twitter and Instagram that will get the team together. For example, for hashtag Fun At Work Day, you could arrange some team building games for the office to play and win prizes. It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate work colleagues!

Positive workforce

When a workplace promotes staff positivity with social activities, pleasant work atmosphere and employee recognition it will rub off on your employees and what they say about the company to outsiders. With this added awareness, the interest from job seekers will increase people, with the likelihood of an increase of applications for your job positions.

Don’t forget other career websites

As well as your recruitment site, other websites can help with the company’s image. Glassdoor is one good example which allows employees and former employees to share their experiences. It’s also an excellent place for employees to express what the company does for staff recognition.

Even though this is an excellent place to promote other people’s perspective on what the company has to offer, with a website like Glassdoor, it’s essential to monitor your company’s reputation.

Take some time to address comments, be it positive or negative. Try not to be dismissive or defensive about the negative comments. Instead, to address them, you can comment on how your company is working on to improve situations.

How to attract more talent with employee recognition as a Recruiter

When it comes to promoting other companies internal processes and employee recognition, the challenge is to convey different companies cultures without revealing the name of the company. Here are two things that you can do to attract more talent with employee recognition if you are a recruiter.

Job description 

Many recruiters and hiring managers think they release good job descriptions. HRdive discovered that 72% of hiring managers say they provide clear job descriptions. However, only 36% of candidates say the same. These stats show it’s worth for recruiters to look and rethink how they are approaching job descriptions.

Some improvements can be made to job descriptions starting with work benefits and the employment brand you are recruiting for. If the company already has a clear job description and doesn’t include this, then you could advise them to change it up. However, if you have some flexibility on the job copy, then including referral plans or schemes that link to employee recognition will appeal to potential talent.

Social Media Promotion

If you promote your current job roles on social media, then you can create a buzz around the job by focusing on the employee perks for the job position itself. People get invested not only by what the job role is but what the company has to offer and with 79% of job seekers using social media in their job search; this can be the main factor to convert people to consider and apply for the job. 

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