The Wave Promise: why our POD helps you to excel

by in Business

What makes the real difference between a good product and a great one? How can a product make it even easier for you to succeed? Outstanding customer service and support is – or should be – the cornerstone of every business as it is the vessel through which it can help clients focus on what they’re best at and bolster business success.

And yet a McKinsey report found that B2B companies have an average customer experience score of less than 50%, a worryingly low figure and a world away from the 65%-85% for B2C companies. That is why we created the Wave Promise and why it is so important to us.  

We don’t make promises lightly. We never over-promise. Nor do we renege on any of our promises. The Wave Promise is our way of solidifying that. It is a set of commitments that ensures that all who work at Wave stay true to our guiding principles and never waver from excellent customer service and support for all our clients.

Why is this so important? Truly great customer service and ongoing support makes all the difference when it comes to choosing between providers. The product can be great but if the customer service and support is lacking that will cause ongoing issues that will ultimately render the product a chain around your neck. 

We understand that it is not good enough to merely deliver a quality product. Ongoing support and outstanding customer service is essential to ensure the product helps you to excel from the onboarding stage long into the future. As your business grows, adapts, journeys through challenges and successes, the Wave team will be on hand to help and make sure our products continue to serve you.

The Wave Promise is founded on 5 guiding principles, our commitments to you:

  1. Understanding your business, its values and its ambitions
  2. Keeping you informed
  3. Clear and concise communication
  4. Outstanding client service
  5. Making promises we can keep

By ensuring that we adhere to these commitments and keep our promises, we can provide you with the levels of service and support that you need to focus on what you do best and therefore thrive.

Immediate and ongoing support

We understand that the onboarding process of a new piece of tech, whatever it is, can be disruptive in the short term and can take time for all team members to figure out. That is why we offer support and advice from the moment we first start talking to you, through implementation and/or design and build, right up to delivery. But it doesn’t stop there. When we deliver a product to you, that is just the start of the journey for your company, which is why we aren’t going anywhere. Your account manager is there for you for as long as you stay with us.   


Technology of any kind needs to be maintained for optimum performance. We will provide you with the knowledge and the tools to fix issues yourself but some elements need specialists to diagnose and mend. Our developers are always on hand to solve technical issues to prevent you from extended downtime. They will also ensure that security is up to date, something of ever-growing importance.  

Speed and efficiency

Time is money – it’s a cliche for a reason. Any downtime from your tech costs your business money so speed and efficiency with response times and resolution is vital. Most recruitment agencies won’t have an in-house developer or technical expert so an efficient and responsive tech support team is crucial to getting up and running again with minimal downtime, fixing any niggles, and ensuring the tech is working the way it should. We respond to all client queries within 24 hours and urgent issues will be prioritised. Candidates apply at all times of night and day, around different schedules and even from different time zones. Ensuring websites are live 24 hours a day and that software is always working means no lost candidates or clients, no disrupted work, no missed data, no delayed jobs.     

Human says yes

Immortalised by Little Britain’s unhelpful customer service assistant Carol Beer, the line ‘computer says no’ has come to encapsulate an age whereby we rely on the information stored on a computer above all else. As tech providers, we recognise the vital importance of recruitment tech but also place huge value on human interaction. Often, if we have a query or a problem, we just want to talk to a human being who can understand, sympathise and talk us through our options. We love our tech but we’ll always give you answers in plain English. We also recognise that every client is different and has differing business needs, strategies and aspirations. This is even more important in a world that is evolving from a pandemic that disrupted business models and plans. As you pivot and adapt, personalised support becomes vital. You talk, we listen and act accordingly.

Allows focus on recruitment

Great support and customer service allows you to do what you do best – attract talent, retain talent, match that talent with the right opportunity. Spending time dealing with tech issues means time away from your candidates and your clients. With dedicated customer support, you can focus on making your business a success.

A promise is only as good as the people making it so when we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it. Give us a budget and we’ll keep to it. Ask us a question and we will respond quickly. We’ll also be honest if something can’t be done. Our raison d’être is to help you to attract talent and to create a world where talent is never missed. We know our products are outstanding and we’re aiming to be the market leader in talent attraction technologies but we won’t get there without providing our clients with outstanding support and service.

Great customer service is something we deliver every day and we are extremely proud of it. At Wave, we keep our promises – and that’s a promise.