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Wave’s Talent Matters podcasts were born during the height of the pandemic, aimed at helping recruiters survive and thrive during turbulent times. They have evolved from this central premise into a hub for insightful discussion on all things recruitment. Each episode features a different industry professional talking about their experiences in the recruitment space, sharing their insights and offering advice.

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EP218 | The evolution of flexible working and the importance of work-life integration

Episode 218 of Wave’s Talent Matters podcast series sees Wave CEO Dave Jenkins talk to Founder and CEO of 2to3days, Juliet Turnbull. Juliet was an early champion of flexible working and the impact it can have on women’s ability to integrate work and home life when she founded 2 to 3 days 8 years ago. It has since become the UK’s leading female-focused careers site and job board, connecting talented women with flexible career opportunities.

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EP217 | Performance models and the future of job board advertising

Episode 217 of Wave’s Talent Matters podcast series sees Wave CEO Dave Jenkins talk to the Managing Director of Reed.co.uk , Simon Wingate. With over 2 decades of recruitment media experience at market leading businesses, there isn’t anything Simon doesn’t know about job board strategies from both a candidate and a recruitment business or direct employer perspective. That’s where the conversation centres, with a focus on the rise and rise of performance advertising models and where the market is heading.

EP216 | Current labour market challenges and how to differentiate your agency from competitors

Episode 216 of Wave’s Talent Matters podcast series sees Wave CEO Dave Jenkins talk to industry legend, Kevin Green. As a verified expert on the UK labour market and having worn many hats in the recruitment, HR and direct employer spheres, there is none more qualified than Kevin to discuss the state of the economy and the labour market in the UK, plus what recruitment agencies can do to add value to their offering and compete in a tight market.

EP215 | The evolution of D&I in recruitment and how to start your D&I journey

In episode 215 of the Talent Matters podcast series, Wave CEO Dave Jenkins chats to Cynthia Davis and Tobi Olowu, diversity and inclusion trailblazers that are leading much-needed change when it comes to D&I in recruitment and workplace culture.

EP214 | How to build the perfect recruitment technology stack

Episode 214 of Wave’s Talent Matters podcast series sees Wave CEO Dave Jenkins talk to one of Wave’s newest recruits, Richard Harris. Richard and Dave talk about their mutual love of recruitment technology - how to build a recruitment technology stack that addresses the needs of your business now and in the future, where to start, what to look for, the pros of an integrated solution, and the future of AI in recruitment.

EP213 | The evolution of the job board and what you can do to attract candidates now

Episode 213 of Wave’s Talent Matters podcast series sees Wave CEO Dave Jenkins talk to CEO and founder of CV-Library, Lee Biggins. It’s a no-nonsense chat about how job boards have evolved over the past 20 years, where they’re headed, the differences between and various merits of duration and programmatic advertising, and how to improve job ad performance.

EP212 – The evolution of the recruitment industry and how stay on top in a recession

In episode 12 of the Talent Matters podcast series, Wave CEO Dave Jenkins chats to Dee Dee Doke, editor of Recruiter Magazine, a leader in delivering authoritative, independent recruitment industry news and insights.

EP211 | Building a scaleable, saleable recruitment business

Episode 11 of Wave’s Talent Matters podcast series sees Wave CEO Dave Jenkins talk to Founder of Flair Business Growth Consultancy, Mike Ames.

EP210 | Insights into key candidate motivations

In episode 10 of Wave’s Talent Matters podcast series, Wave CEO Dave Jenkins talks to Cara O’Leary, Sales Director at LinkedIn. They talk about current candidate motivations, shifting workplace patterns, startling findings from LinkedIn trends reports, and how to view the recession as an opportunity.

EP209 | The cornerstones of recruitment marketing

In episode 9 of the Talent Matters podcast series, Wave CEO Dave Jenkins talks to Rohit Kapoor, Co-founder of Paiger, an AI marketing assistant built for recruiters.

EP208 | Programmatic advertising and the evolution of recruitment media

Episode 8 of Wave’s Talent Matters podcast series sees Wave CEO Dave Jenkins talk to Ryan Bridgman, Senior Sales Director at Jobrapido. It’s a fascinating chat that takes a deep dive into programmatic media - what it is, the benefits, the limitations, and the evolution of digital recruitment advertising.

EP207 | Totaljobs price rise, job board strategy & the future of recruitment

Episode 7 of Wave’s Talent Matters podcast series sees Wave CEO Dave Jenkins talk to Totaljobs CEO, Jon Wilson. It’s an honest discussion about the job board’s infamous price increases and the reasons behind them, as well as the current state of the economy, future predictions and how the jobs market is and will be affected.

EP206 | Insights from a recruitment industry legend

With decades of accrued industry knowledge and having experienced both sides of the recruitment space - both in recruitment and recruitment technology - Richard is uniquely placed to impart advice.

EP205 | Advice and insights from a recruitment tech CEO

Founder and CEO of Firefish Software, Wendy McDougall gifts listeners with a raft of insights into setting up a business, what she wished she’d known when first starting out, knowing your market, the value of engaging a business coach, and what recruiters should look for in their tech.

EP204 | Advice for recruitment SMEs, from scaling to the future of recruitment

Advisor and mentor to recruitment SME business owners, Paul Sharpe lends his wisdom on scaling, recruiting recruiters, the importance of investing in self-development as a leader, the growing gig economy, and consultative recruitment.

EP203 | Insights into a B Corp and employee-owned recruitment agency

Chair of a B Corp certified, employee-owned recruitment agency, Nick Dean talks all things B Corp - what, how and why, the benefits of working with those with shared values, how an employee-owned model aids retention and attraction, and current market trends.

EP202 | Tips on copywriting for recruiters and recruiter branding | Dave talks to… Mitch Sullivan

A familiar voice in recruitment marketing, Mitch Sullivan shares his thoughts on recruiter branding, job ads as a crucial marketing function, speed v quality, the recruiter as salesperson and marketer, and building your own talent pool to become more self-sufficient.

EP201 | Tips to improve recruitment & the importance of recruitment events

Episode 1 features recruitment industry connector, owner and founder of UK Recruiter, event specialist, and of course, experienced podcast host herself, Louise Triance.

EP107 | Optimising your job ads to stand out

Get-Optimal CVO and Tech and marketing expert Daniel Fellows talks with Dave Jenkins about the importance of job ad optimisation in order to reach diverse talent.

EP106 | Marketing your way through 2020

Richard Williams, Global Head of Marketing at Austin Fraser, joins Wave CEO Dave to discuss the importance of marketing your recruitment business to stay ahead of the game.

EP105 | Pivoting your agency to survive and grow through Covid

Not-for-profit recruitment specialist and recruitment agency founder, Ashby Jenkins, joins Wave CEO Dave to talk about the way her team dealt with the challenges of the pandemic and the importance of promoting diversity within recruitment.

EP104 | Recruitment post Furlough

In episode 4, Wave CEO Dave Jenkins is joined by Kevin Green to discuss ‘Recruitment post Furlough’.

EP103 | Jobs, the Recession and the Rise of Startups

Wave CEO Dave and Tom Mehmet return to discuss the official news of the UK recession and why recruitment agency startups are key to restart the economy.

EP102 | Talent Attraction in a Post Covid-19 World

In episode 2 the dynamic duo of Wave CEO Dave and Tom Mehmet talk about what we expect to with the job boards, how technology plays a role and the increasing popularity of programmatic and performance-based advertising.

EP101 | Job Board Advertising during and post Covid-19

Wave CEO Dave Jenkins and Tom Mehmet join forces to discuss the strategies recruiters should be implementing with their job board contracts during and post-covid.

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