Talks on flexible working ignite industry interest at Wave’s Talent Matters event

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After the success of our Talent Matters event in November, on February 27th Wave held the second in a series of events in which recruitment leaders discuss hot industry topics, this time welcoming our sponsors, CV Library, Reed, and ZipRecruiter. For our second event we took a close look at the hugely topical subject of flexible working and its rapidly growing importance in recruitment.

Over a lavish breakfast at central London restaurant Franco’s, top industry figures came together to discuss what is currently one of the most pressing matters in the recruitment industry – the issue of flexible working. Leading the conversation were our two speakers, Emma Stewart MBE, CEO of Timewise, and Kevin Green, best-selling author of Competitive People Strategy. They delivered thought-provoking, insightful talks about how offering flexible working opportunities could help attract talent, especially in the current candidate-driven climate.  

Emma Stewart talking about flexible working

We were given an overview of the state of the flexible jobs market, an introduction to flexible hiring and why recruiters should be championing it to clients, examples of corporate organisations that have successfully introduced flexible working and some practical tips to making it work. What really struck a chord is the discovery that 87% of UK employees either work flexibly or would like to and they are competing for just 15% of jobs that offer flexible working. Definitely food for thought in the battle for talent attraction

Kevin Green with his strategies to attract talent

Kevin provided the room with a picture of the UK jobs market and discussed how recruiters can tackle the looming talent crisis by outlining the formula for hiring and retention success, including offering flexible job opportunities, meaningful and recognised work and, ultimately, having a great people strategy.

The rise in demand for flexible working is something we also uncovered in our 2020 WaveTrackR report (an analysis of the recruitment market forged from data taken from the multi-poster’s in-built analytics) so it was a topic we knew was highly relevant to recruiters.  

“At Wave we’re constantly looking at ways in which recruiters can attract the right talent and offering a flexible approach to working is one of those ways, helping to fill the gaps that we’re seeing in our economy,” commented Dave Jenkins, Wave’s CEO. “It’s time to think more creatively around how to bring recruiters and talent together and flexible working meets those needs.”

Wave is passionate about finding smart ways to connect the right talent to the right opportunities, which is why these events are so important to us. Bringing a room full of recruitment experts together to discuss the topics that matter most in the industry is something we will certainly continue to do. We are already excitedly talking about our next Talent Matters event – watch this space to find out more.